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Learn Taiwanese Mandarin is a podcast that teaches you everyday, conversational Taiwanese Mandarin and some culture knowledge about Taiwan. Most suitable for intermediate to advanced learners, it's all in Chinese(from the 4th episode), and if there are advanced words, I will explain them using slower and easier Chinese words and sentences! With more episodes coming out, I'll also teach you some useful Taiwanese/Hokkien. 跟我一起用中文學習中文吧!

***For my new audience: Please note that I made a huge change to my podcast from the 4th episode. The first 3 episodes are more suitable for beginners where English is used to teach Chinese dialogues.  At that time, I haven't figured out what I really want to make. Thank you for audience who wrote to me saying they find these useful. I am sorry that this kind of format will no longer be released.***

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