118. 你們都不跟我說中文:語言與文化差異- In this episode, I discuss the cultural differences and challenges faced while learning foreign languages, inspired by a listener's experience in Taiwan. I explore how cultural habits influence language use and the difficulties non-native speakers encounter when locals switch to English despite their efforts to speak Chinese.

117. 新聞:520總統就職+國會改革爭議-Talking about Taiwan's recent political news, including the inauguration of new president and government, and the recent protests against parliamentary reforms in Taipei.

116. 購物失敗的經驗- I discussed shopping failures with my parents. My mom bought a bread maker during a food safety incident but eventually lost interest in baking. My dad bought ice axes and crampons for mountain climbing but only used them once. Shopping isn't always successful, but you can learn many useful words through the dialogues!!

115. 新聞:會說話的紅綠燈In this episode, we talk about "低頭族," people who walk while using their phones and may not pay attention to traffic. A news clip is included to train you listening.

114. 文學:經典鬼故事《畫皮》- Let's delve into the world of classic Chinese literature and listen to me read the renowned ghost story "The Painted Skin." Don't forget to test your comprehension with the quiz questions at the end!

113. 隨便說說:喬遷派對- Talking about joining a housewarming party hold by my friend. Enjoy!

112. 妹妹去聽Ed Shereen的演唱會- Talking to my sister about her recent experience of attending a major concert for the first time. It's time to challenge your listening! Enjoy!

111. 家榆的日本之旅(下)In this episode, I continue to share more stories from my winter holiday trip to Japan. Enjoy!

110. 家榆的日本之旅(上)In this episode, I share stories and experiences from my recent trip to Japan. The episode is divided into two parts, and in this first part, I talk about incidents at the airport, my visit to a traditional public bath, and the culinary differences between Taiwan and Japan. Stay tuned for more in the next episode!

109. 聽眾Q&A:學語言的心得+我的工作- 新年快樂~我回來了!It's good to start a new year and new episode with a lovely mail! In this episode I'm going to respond to an email sent by our listener, 恩雅. Enjoy!

108. 台北故宮博物院- In this episode, we'll explore Taiwan's largest and most significant museum, the National Palace Museum. Have you visited it? Learn about its rich history and treasures with me.

107. 考試文化:考前做什麼?- An episode about Chinese culture of tests and exams.

106. 隨便說說:我養了兩隻貓咪- A casual episode talking about two little kittens we adopted recently.

105. 新聞: 2024台灣總統大選- This episode is all about the Taiwanese presidential election which is taking place in a couple of days on Saturday 13 January 2024. 

104. 隨便說說:聖誕節 - Hello! This is just a casual episode to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to teach you some words related to Christmas! Enjoy :)

103. 旅行中遇到的麻煩 (1) - Chatting to my mom about some common troubles many of us have encountered while traveling, and how we solved them. (Listeing comprehension questions included.) Enjoy!

102. 玫瑰少年與LGBTQITaiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2019. Today, I am going to talk about Taiwan's LGBTQI issues and the progress of Taiwanese society.

101. 適合學中文的電視節目:誰來晚餐Taking about a good Taiwanese TV show for Chinese learners: 誰來晚餐(Guess Who)Enjoy!

100. 披薩🍕!An episode about pizza and all the interesting and weird toppings we have in Taiwan, with many useful vocabulary related to foods and pizza flavors. Enjoy!

99. 台灣的原住民文化An episode about Taiwan's aboriginal culture. 

98. 家榆日記2: 看動漫- This is the second episode of the diary series. Listen to me reading a page about my thoughts after watching the anime, Attack on Titan. I wrote this one when I was in high school, which was about ten years ago! ;)

97. 雙十一購物節- An episode about Double Eleven Shopping Festival, with many words related to online shopping. Enjoy!

96. 和爸爸聊騎腳踏車環島A conversation with my father about his long-distance cycling trip around Taiwan, with lots of vocabulary for cycling and bicycles. As usual, I'll use easy words to explain our conversation. Enjoy!

95. 家榆日記1: 陌生電話This is the new "diary series"! Listen to me reading out some pages from a diary which I wrote when I was about 13 years old. As usual, words and phrases are explained along the way.

94. 冬天就是要吃火鍋Now that fall is turning to winter and the days are becoming shorter and colder, people in Taiwan are putting aside their favorite summer snacks and turning their attention to a popular winter dish, the hot pot! Let's take a look at Taiwan's hotpot culture.

93. 忘記帶鑰匙- What would you do if you left the key inside the house when taking out the trash? What would you do if you locked yourself out, with no cellphone, no wallet? Click in to find out Chiayu's  personal experience and learn some real-life language skills!

92. 你吃素嗎 - Do you know that Taiwan has the world's second highest rate of vegetarianism? In this episode, I am going to talk about vegetarian culture in Taiwan and why vegetarian foods have enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity in recent years.

91. 新聞:以巴衝突 - This is a news episode. I talk about Israeli–Palestinian conflict using easy to understand descriptions. I also cover words related to wars. This is a sad and serious episode. :(

90. 颱風An episode about typhoon and its influence to our daily life!

89. 那些年,我們看過的香港電影- Talking to 小胖 about Hong Kong movies, which are the childhood memories of many Taiwanese and Asians. Enjoy!

88. 華人社會的取名文化- In this episode, 家榆 talks about Chinese naming culture. Hope this episode can help you decode names when addressing your Chinese counterpart and also build an awareness of Chinese culture. Enjoy!

87. 夏天!不要曬黑!?- This is an episode about summer life in Taiwan, including the explanation for some common questions you might ask, such as "Why people hate getting tanned?" "What you can eat in summer?" Enjoy! 

86. 文學:寫給媽媽的詩《母難日》- Happy Mother's Day! Listen to readings of "Day of Mother's Disaster", by Yu Guangzhong, a beautiful poem about mother. Includes analysis of the vocabulary and the themes in the poem. Enjoy!

85. 台灣年輕人會說台語嗎?- Do Taiwanese young people speak Taiwanese? Why Taiwanese becomes a dying language? Why , I'll try to answer these questions and introduce to you the history and culture of Taiwanese. I also want to share my favorite Taiwanese song and band with you. Enjoy!

84. 妹妹的日本之旅(下)This is the second part of the previous episode "妹妹的日本之旅." This time, we talk about cherry blossoms, hot springs, Kobe beef, and the "Taiwanese-style steak" you can find in night markets here. Enjoy!

83. 妹妹的日本之旅(上)-An episode about my sister's trip to Japan! 

82. 新聞: ChatGPT和可怕的AI圖片- A news episode about ChatGPT and AI art. Two short news clips and guided listening practice are included. 

81. 【隨便說說】放假做什麼:看電影、球賽-In this episode, Jiayu shared what she did during the holiday, including watching movies and sports games. Let's learn some vocabulary related to leisure activities.

79-2.【Vocabulary Review】第79集-A casual episode in which I invite 小胖 to play a vocabulary review game with me! It covers some of the words we use in the 79th episode: 華人社會的飲食與文化.I hope you can review the words you've learnt in that episode and have fun at the same time. Enjoy! 

80. 出車禍的經驗-An episode about my personal experience of getting involved in a car accident. I also invite my mom to talk about her experience and how to deal with it in Chinese.

79. 華人社會的飲食與文化-Do you know why most of the restaurants in Taiwan don't serve cold water? Do you know what food you should send to your friends when you have a newborn baby? Let's learn about Taiwanese and Chinese culture through cuisine! In this episode, you can also learn how to talk about cooking details and some common Chinese ingredients.

78. 新聞:2023 WBC-棒球經典賽在台灣- This episode is about 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), including Taiwan's performance, a short news clip for you to practice your listening, and baseball history in Taiwan. As the home team this time, this competition has been a huge hit over the last week. Enjoy!

77. 台積電-A brief introduction to "tsmc", the world's largest contract manufacturer of the semiconductor chips and one of the most influential companies in Taiwan. Let's learn words related to technology and business!

76. 【隨便說說】最近的生活Another casual ramble in which I talk without a specific topic, telling you what I've been doing in the recent two months. Again, hope this episode can provide a resource of authentic speech for learners of Chinese. Enjoy!

75. 文學:黃春明《國峻不回來吃飯》、《兒子的大玩偶》- Another 文學 episode. This time I introduce a Taiwanese writer, Huang Chun-ming, and some of his famous works. Huang writes mainly about the tragic and sometimes humorous lives of ordinary Taiwanese people. Many of his short stories have been turned into films. You can even find them on Youtube.

74. 小胖的一天(6):出國旅行Happy Double Tenth Day! This is episode 6 of 小胖的一天. Listen to 小胖 share his traveling experiences with us.

73. 【隨便說說】最近的生活- An unedited ramble in which I talk without a specific topic, telling you what I've been doing recently. Hope this episode can  provide a resource of authentic speech for learners of Chinese. Enjoy!

72. 「成語」怎麼學?為什麼要學?- This episode is a guide to Chinese idioms and Chengyu. Let's take a look at how you can learn Chengyu and how they're used in modern society, with a few examples collected from authentic materials.

71. 小胖的一天(5):閱讀- This is episode 5 of 小胖的一天. We discuss different book genres and our reading habits.

70. 文學:席慕容《一棵開花的樹》-This is a "literature" episode, in which I introduce a famous Chinese writer, 席慕容, and her representative poem: A Blooming Tree. I talk about the writer's life, what inspired her to write this poem, and the explanations of the poem in simple Chinese. 

69. 小胖的一天(4):去買衣服- This is episode 4 of 小胖的一天. Let's follow 小胖 while he goes shopping and buys clothes.

68. 小胖的一天(3):下班後的休閒活動This is episode 3 of 小胖的一天 series. 小胖 tells us what leisure activities he usually does after work.

67. 小胖的一天(2):通勤和去上班-This is episode 2 of 小胖的一天 series. This time we talk about commuting, work, and Taiwanese railway system.

66. 德國旅行(2)The Nipple Slip StoryThis is the second part of the storytelling episode. This time it's my embarrassing story of accidentally expose myself in Germany. You can use it to do "shadowing" practice, or just relax and have fun. Enjoy!

65. 德國旅行(1)The Sausage StoryThis is a storytelling episode, in which I tell you an anecdote happened during my trip to Germany when I was 19. You can do "shadowing" practice with it, or just relax and have fun following this short story. Enjoy!

64. 小胖的一天(1):起床和整理儀容This episode contains (hopefully) 10 lessons that describes each part of a typical day of a man. Follow 小胖 as he gets up in the morning, gets ready for work, goes to the gym, plays video games, and goes to bed. In each lesson, you'll learn common and useful vocabulary for everyday things and situations.

63. 新聞:裴洛西訪台- A news episode about Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and the recent tensions between Taiwan and China.

62. 和爸爸聊在台灣玩水- Discussing with my Dad about water safety, the ghost month superstitions and people flocking to beaches and streams in the hot, humid summers of Taiwan.

61. 新聞:歐洲熱浪、氣候異常- A news episode about 2022 European heat waves and climate change, including a news clip for you to train your listening. 家榆 will pause in between the news to explain new words in simple Chinese.

60.「完蛋了」經驗As if 家榆 wants to prove what she said in the previous episode, that Taiwan is safe, she lost her cellphone and purse last week and found them back! Listen to 家榆 and her friend talk about this experience and learn Chinese expressions related to this topic. Enjoy!

59. 台灣安全嗎?- 家榆 shares her personal experience about safety in Taiwan. In this episode, she talks about Taiwanese traffic, possible theft, and weird phone frauds.

58. 台灣的離島- An episode Taiwan's outer islands. Listen to it and learn words about water activities and vacations.

57. 台灣的教育制度Listen to 家榆 talks about Taiwanese education system, her life as a student, and pick up some useful words related to this topic. 

56. 和小胖聊露營An episode about camping and glamping in Taiwan with my friend 小胖!Check it out and learn some useful words related to camping and outdoor activities.

55. 金馬獎與華語電影- In this episode 家榆 talks about Chinese film industry, a famous awards ceremony: Golden Horse Film Award, and Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars. You can learn many useful words related to films.  

54. 地震!!台灣生活的一部分- An episode about earthquakes and words related to emergency. 

53. 看talk show學中文:手和腳的相關表達- My first try to teach you Chinese with Taiwanese talk show! Let's learn words and phrases related to "hands" and "legs," and enjoy the fun talk show.

52. 那些奇怪的台灣英文-What does it mean for a food to be described as "Q" ? This is an episode about common English words Taiwanese like to say and what they really mean. Check it out and guess the real meaning of each word with my mom.

51. 新聞:228連假、燈會、烏俄戰爭-An episode about what's going on inside and outside Taiwan recently, including The Russo-Ukrainian War, 228 Peace Memorial Day and the annual lantern festival. You can also hear my mom share her memories and thoughts on 228 inccident.

50. 在台灣租房子-Living in Taiwan may be a big challenge to many people! In this episode, 家榆 and her friend 小胖 share their experience of renting houses in Taiwan.

49. 你有沒有...過?(2)-This is the second part of the previous episode "Do you ever?" As usual, you'll hear me and 小顏 talk casually and I will pause between our conversation to explain words using simple Chinese.

48. 你有沒有...過?(1)-This episode is called "Do you ever?" It's a funny conversation between me and 小顏 about strange habits which we don't often talk about, but which I think many of us do.

47. 被騙的留學生活-I'm going to read you a news article about how an Ugandan student was forced to work at Taiwanese factories to pay off his tuition. I hope you can be careful if you plan to study here. In this episode, you'll learn some more sophisticated languages. I believe these words can make your Chinese sound more rich and fluent! 

 46. 元宇宙與NFT-I bought my first NFT! This is an epiosde about Metaverse, NFT and how will these two things affect our life and our language learning in the future. Listen to 家榆 talk about them and pick up some useful terms related to technology and investments.

44. 小顏的一天(7):去夜店、酒吧This is episode 7 of 小顏的一天. We talk about our experience of going to bars and nightclubs.

42. 小顏的一天(6):去買衣服This is episode 6 of 小顏的一天. Let's follow 小顏 while she goes shopping and buys clothes.

40. 小顏的一天(4):通勤和去上班、上課- This is episode four of 小顏的一天. In this episode, we're going to follow her to school and work while she takes public transportation.

38. 小顏的一天(3):吃早餐This is episode three of 小顏的一天. In this episode, she gets to eat breakfast. 

36. 小顏的一天(2):打扮和化妝- This is episode two of 小顏的一天. We're going to see her cleaning up and putting on her make-up. 

34. 錢!錢!錢This podcast is all about MONEY - cash, pounds, currency, notes, coins- call it what you like - we all love to get it and then spend it on STUFF. In this podcast you'll hear me talk about Taiwanese money and some important historical figures printed on it.

32. 旻橋的當兵故事(1)Listen to a chat with my cousin Min qiáo about conscription in Taiwan, which is a shared experience among all Taiwanese males.

30. 我回來了:2021年的計畫-Wishing everyone a happy new year and sharing you with my new year resolution. You can know what 家榆 is doing recently and some useful words related to personal goals.

28. 來說鬼故事- Happy Halloween to all my listeners around the world! This episode is all about ghosts, strange things, unexplained phenomena, and all that kind of weird stuff that you don't want to hear about when you're alone at night. I hope you're not alone right now, because this will be the creepiest episode of Learn Taiwanese Mandarin yet! Let's keep calm and try not to make a sound as we listen to this Halloween installment of chilling stories! 🎃👻💀

26. 和我的媽媽聊料理- Chatting with my mom about cooking and food. Including where she likes to go shopping for food. Does she like cooking? What's her favorite dish? How does she usually cook?

24. 台灣的健保- Talking with my buddy 阿賢 about healthcare system in Taiwan. Including some pros and cons and a discussion on his personal experience going through the medical system.

22. 三國演義(Part 2):空城計Here's the second episode of Romance of The Three Kingdoms. In this episode, 家榆 tells a classic and well-known story called The Ruse of the Empty City. She also tells you a saying derived from this story.

20. 和阿賢聊運動與減肥Talking to my pal about exercise and weight loss, including the answer for the first listening challenge and a new one! In this episode, you can pick up some useful terms about body and health, some cultural knowledge related to conscription and the food delivery company: FoodPanda.

18. 台灣的父親節- 家榆 tells you why we celebrate Father's Day on August 8th in Taiwan. She also has a chat with her father about how life changed for  the time he first knew he was going to be a father to the time during the pregnancy and even the birth. 

16. 台灣的工作環境- Some trending vocabulary and issues of Taiwanese working conditions. This episode should be useful for those interested in working in Taiwan, or for people who want to discuss jobs and careers with your friends! I cover things from the most popular careers in Taiwan to the problems young people are facing here. Enjoy!

14. 和我的爸爸聊音樂-Talking to my dad about music. Includes discussion about music genres my father likes, how and when he likes to listen to music, and Taiwanese karaoke.

12. 去桌遊餐廳練習中文- 家榆 gives her personal experience of going to board game restaurants in Taiwan, and why going there with Taiwanese friends is a great way to practice your listening and speaking skills. She also talks about some board games suitable for Chinese learners. 

10. 上帝的金戒指:日環食(Part 2)-Here is part 2 of this 日環食 episode. You are going to join me to my trip to 雲林, and listen to my story of watching 日環食. You will hear people talking and shouting. If you don't have the chance to see this beautiful 天文奇景 in person, play this episode and you can feel the exciting moment with us. Enjoy!

8. 新子的泰國故事- 全中文!Talking to my friend 新子 about living in Thailand. This is a completely natural and authentic conversation. None of it was planned, so it is completely real and not fake. It should be a fun but very challenging listening exercise. Don't worry! I'll pause here and there to explain the vocabulary and expressions we used in our conversation.

6. 西遊記_Journey to The West(Part 2)- 全中文! In this episode, I'll continue to talk about Journey to The West. 小心有雷!(Spoiler Alert)

4. 【Chinese Rambles 隨便說說】台灣人看到我就說英文- 全中文! 沒寫稿! This is a CHINESE ONLY episode. Let's immerse ourselves into a Chinese speaking environment and listen to me talk about an issue that so many foreigners find annoying while studying Mandarin in Taiwan.

***For my new audience: Please note that I made a huge change to my podcast from the 4th episode. The first 3 episodes are more suitable for beginners where English is used to teach Chinese dialogues. At that time, I haven't figured out what I really want to make. Thank you for audience who wrote to me saying they find these useful. I am sorry that this kind of format will no longer be released.***

3. Making a Restaurant Reservation - This episode uses a real-life conversation record. In order to get some real examples of booking a restaurant, we actually made some reservations at some restaurants! Listen to it and get used to how native speakers talk like! You will also get to know some Taiwanese culture in this episode.

2. Buying Medical Supplies in Taiwan - This episode covers buying medical supplies in Taiwan, and some words you can use to describe your symptoms.

1. How to Order Bubble Tea - In this episode, you will learn how to order bubble tea in Taiwan. These phrases are also useful for ordering other drinks such as black tea, green tea, and any other drinks found in a Taiwanese café. (in Mandarin it's called 飲料店)